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  1. Thanks for your well written article regarding Harris Ranch. My memories of HR were from the 80’s when I saw thousands of cattle grazing in pastures as far as the eye could see. After living abroad for 25+ years I planned to visit friends in the Bay Area and did so 3 days ago. This time I stopped at HR and there were no cattle in sight. I wonder if they moved their operations away from I5 to avoid negative public opinion? Also there is currently no foul odor. And, no, I did not have a meal there. Thanks for your 2012 article. While in Santa Cruz I purchased some Stemple Creek beef at Tree of Life. Will age it a bit and do a side by side comparison with HR beef from my butcher at Farmers Market in my LA neighborhood.

  2. We are running out of sea smoke salt! We are from Marysville in the valley.How can we order more or drive to where you are and buy more. Linda and larry

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