Every business has a unique story to tell. Capturing that story in an engaging way will help you reach your audience and grow your business.

At InkFarm Creative, I specialize in crafting content and beautiful photographic images for artisan food & beverage producers.  Areas of expertise include:

* copywriting and content design for a new or existing website or blog

* recipe development, food-styling, and food photography

* social media management across multiple platforms to engage your audience and promote brand awareness

* customer communications (newsletters, marketing pieces, sell sheets and more)

* crafting rich “romance” copy for product labels

* marketing strategy

* editing content for publishers

* event/product photography

I create effective, compelling messaging that will showcase your brand and generate sales of your product or service.

I partner with other established industry professionals to offer my clients a range of complimentary services including website design, video stories and content marketing.

I have an established presence and a successful track record working with a variety of individual business and corporate entities. Please visit my LinkedIn to view my professional profile. My website, Farminista’s Feast, and numerous published articles illustrate my personal passion for sustainable agriculture, local food, and humane husbandry practice.

I look forward to helping you craft your unique story! To arrange a consultation, please email me at

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Thank you!

~ Karen Pavone

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