Welcome to the FEAST! Pull up a chair and enjoy the journey as we explore the thriving “farm-to-table” food culture in California’s beautiful North Bay. My name is Karen and I am a passionate advocate for sustainable agriculture, artisan food producers, and craft beverage makers in Marin & Sonoma counties.


To me, food is sacred. It nourishes, comforts, sustains, and heals us. It is at the center of holiday traditions and family gatherings. It can conjure favorite memories and create community like few things can. The act of preparing and sharing a meal is an expression of gratitude that makes eating as enjoyable as it is necessary. When we take time to savor the flavors, textures, and aromas of our food we begin to appreciate the hard work that has brought it from field to fork.

I believe everyone should know where their food comes from, and strive to develop a personal relationship with the people who grow and raise what we put on our tables. My weekly pilgrimage to the local farmers market has become a familiar ritual that feeds my soul. I often stop to chat with favorite vendors and taste a sample of their fresh seasonal offerings.

These farmers are passionate and committed in everything they do. Many come from families that have worked the land for generations; others have left traditional careers in search of a simpler, more authentic lifestyle. All of them feel a connection to the earth that threads to their core. I have tremendous respect for these unsung heroes who quietly dedicate their lives to caring for the land and its bounty.

Farminista’s Feast is an ongoing culinary adventure about eating fresh, locally sourced foods and connecting with farmers, ranchers, bakers, cheesemakers, chefs and others who are at the root of what we eat. It is, quite simply, a labor of love. In addition to sharing delicious, simple recipes that showcase seasonal produce and humanely raised meats, I will also spotlight timely issues relevant to maintaining a healthy foodshed, garden tips, culinary events, and much more.

Welcome to my table! Please make yourself at home.

Yours in good food,

~ Karen

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To contact Karen about this blog, email farministasfeast@gmail.com.


  1. Karen, I love your blog. You and I sound very much alike in our food philosophies. I am so glad you stopped in today and “followed” my blog which led me to you and I look forward to reading more about your Bay area culinary adventures and market finds. I’m in Seattle and we (too) have an incredible locally sourced and ‘knowing where your food comes from’ movement which is very reassuring for folks like us who really care. Nice to “meet” you today!

    • I’m so glad to discover your blog as well! I love Seattle and your vibrant food community. I try to plan an annual visit to the North West to see my sister, who lives in Edmonds, and we often go on foodie adventures together. I look forward to reading your posts and finding some new gems to try. Thanks for introducing yourself!

  2. I enjoy reading your posts and I have nominated you for the Very Inspiring Blogger Award. Please read my newest post, Blogging Community Award, to learn what you need to do.

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