Heavenly Baked Peaches



What’s fuzzy on the outside, juicy on the inside, and has a “stone” in the middle? A peach of course!


Few things compare to the delicious taste of ripe summer peaches. They are nature’s perfect fruit—sweet, succulent, and flavorful. Peach season debuts at farmers market in May, and often runs through late September with lots of varieties to choose from: traditional yellow flesh, delicate low-acid white flesh, cling, freestone–even unique offerings like the flat shaped “donut” or “Saturn” peaches.


When the harvest is plentiful, I reach for this simple but memorable recipe for Baked Peaches. These oven-roasted beauties are topped with a mixture of chopped walnuts, dried cranberries, cinnamon, and a little maple syrup. Baking caramelizes the natural sugars in this fruit and intensifies the flavor to heavenly heights. Personally, I prefer to use a yellow flesh variety with higher acidity for this recipe.


I like to serve Baked Peaches nestled in a “puddle” of maple or vanilla yogurt for a healthy, satisfying dessert. They are also delicious cut up as a topping on a breakfast parfait or vanilla ice cream.


Check out this link to Food Guru Channel where you can watch me make this easy recipe in less than three minutes on Season 2 of Cooking Guru. Thanks for tuning in and please share with all your friends on social media. Warning: these peaches are extremely addictive!

Click here for the printer-friendly recipe: Baked Peaches

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  1. So simple, and so beautifully presented. Thanks for the inspiration.

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