Pan Seared Chicken Breast with Apricot-Sage Sauce


Are you tired of preparing chicken the same old way?

There’s nothing ordinary about this savory recipe for Pan Seared Chicken Breast with Apricot-Sage Sauce. The sweet-tart notes of apricot jam paired with soy sauce, white wine, and a hint of earthy sage are the perfect finishing touch for this sumptuous chicken breast.

The best part? This entrée is elegant enough to serve to guests, yet easy enough to make after work on a weeknight. In summer, I like to serve this flavorful dish with a simple side of crisp-tender Blue Lake green beans steamed and finished with butter and a grind of sea salt.

Here are a couple of my favorite insider tips for whipping this recipe up in no time:

  1. Make the sauce first. It can reduce over low heat (about 15-20 minutes time) while you pound and sear the chicken breasts.
  1. For super easy clean up, place skinned and deboned chicken breast in a gallon size zip lock bag. Do not seal the bag. Lay the bag with chicken inside flat on a cutting board, and pound gently with a meat hammer to about 1/2″ thickness. Remove flattened breast, coat lightly with olive oil, and set aside on a plate to sear. This technique keeps the raw meat and juice totally contained in the bag–no bacteria on your cutting board or hammer! When you’re done with the bag, simply throw it away.

You can watch me make this delicious Pan Seared Chicken Breast with Apricot-Sage Sauce in less than three minutes on the third youtube episode of Cooking Guru, Season 2 below! Thanks for tuning in and please share with all your friends on social media (print friendly recipe follows). Bon Appetite!

*print-friendly recipe for PAN SEARED CHICKEN WITH APRICOT

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  1. This is definitely a step up Karen. Looks delicious and different with the apricot/sage flavors. Looking forward to watching you make it.

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