Food For Thought Tip: Engage Your Senses


Fellow Real Food advocate Julie Coburn ( says, “Real food is about so much more than just eating. It’s about connecting with ourselves, our desires, our culture, our families, and even the world around us.”

Eating is one of the most pleasurable experiences we have to look forward to each day. Yet all too often, we approach a meal like it’s just one more thing to check off the “to do” list. We may find ourselves eating on the run and choosing less-than-healthy “convenience” meals to accommodate our busy schedules. We forget that eating should be enjoyable and nourishing.

Mealtime is an opportunity to connect with our senses. Taking time to consciously savor the taste, texture, and aroma of our food stimulates our pleasure centers and makes us feel satisfied with less. By slowing down to appreciate what we put in our mouth, we become more attuned to our body cues and sensations of fullness. We are also more likely to keep that satiated feeling longer, which leaves us less vulnerable to those stubborn between-meal cravings.

Finally, strive as often as possible to making eating a shared experience.  Taking time to enjoy food in the company of family and good friends will enrich your life and bring you together. As cooking icon Julia Child once said, “It’s fun to get together and have something good to eat at least once a day. That’s what human life is all about; enjoying things!”

I couldn’t agree more!

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