Eating Clean in 2014!

Eating Clean in 2014

Each New Year brings opportunity. Armed with the insights we’ve gained over the past twelve months, January’s clean slate means we can start fresh. Whatever our personal goals for the coming year, now is the perfect time to begin!

I used to be a fan of making resolutions, but more often than not my list of good intentions fell by the wayside as the months progressed. Instead, I’ve decided to adopt a mantra–a single, simple theme that sets the stage for my year.

Since good health is the basis for living an active, productive life–and eating a diet rich in whole foods is essential to good health–I have chosen Eating Clean in 2014 as my inspiration.

What we eat and drink becomes the fuel that drives us. You wouldn’t dream of putting cheap gas into your car, and if you did, you probably wouldn’t be surprised by a drop in performance. It stands to reason that putting quality fuel into our bodies helps us achieve better mileage for the long haul. That translates into more energy to do the things we enjoy with the people we love.

In the weeks ahead, I will focus on bringing you the best tips and simple recipes for Eating Clean in 2014. And don’t worry about depriving yourself of the foods you enjoy. Eating Clean is about moderation, and learning ways to make healthier choices despite our busy lifestyles. It’s not about being rigid! (Hey, I love chocolate as much as the next person).

In order to be successful, I urge you to be realistic about making changes to your eating habits. If you attempt dramatic shifts in your routine, you’re more likely to abandon the effort altogether. Start by making better choices for one meal each day, and go from there.

Remember, even small adjustments can have big impact over time. Keep your eye on the long-term benefits, and you will be well on your way to enjoying improved health and vitality in 2014 and beyond.

Here’s to feasting with you in the year ahead!

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  1. I agree Karen. Dieting doesn’t really produce results. Changing your way of eating for life – does.
    Food has to taste good or you won’t stay with a meal plan. Folks don’t realize that food that is good for you can also tastes very good. I look forward to your posts with tips and recipes.

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