Discovering Shrub

IMG_7338Oh baby it’s hot outside! As the mercury creeps up near triple digits on these summer days, something tall and cool (preferably served in a trendy mason jar) is in order.

I’m always exploring new places in search of unique products. On a recent dining excursion to Farm House Local café in downtown Larkspur, I happened upon a bottle of INNA Seascape Strawberry Shrub in their small retail store.

Shrub is a mixture of apple cider drinking vinegar (I know–sounds weird but keep an open mind) mixed with sugar and fresh fruit. It was a popular drink during America’s colonial era, and is making a comeback. INNA shrubs are the latest offering from Emeryville-based jam maker, Dafna Kory. Her delicious line of artisan fruit shrubs have a light syrupy consistency and sweet-tart taste that beautifully compliments your favorite spirit or soda.

Each is made with all organic ingredients. With seven delectable flavors to choose from–Royal Blenheim Apricot, Polka Raspberry, Seascape Strawberry, Quince, Black Mission Fig, Meyer Lemon, and Tayberry–there’s no shortage of possibilities.

Try my new favorite summer refresher: a bottle of good quality ginger ale mixed with a half ounce of Seascape Strawberry Shrub. Serve in a mason jar with frozen organic strawberry “ice cubes” and a sprig of mint for a delicious thirst quencher!  IMG_7345

Purchase INNA shrubs (12.7 oz bottles for $15 each) on-line at their @ and at select stores.

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  1. This sounds delicious! I work near Farm House and am going over there after work to get some Shrub. I can’t wait to try this recipe. Thanks Karen!

  2. I learned something today. I never heard of a shrub – at least this kind. Thanks for expanding my foodie knowledge.

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